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The David McWilliams Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

This week in a break from tradition, John and David are joined from the States by Prof Bill Black, scourge of the white collar criminal, to explore impeachment, where might it end and the fractured nature of American society and politics

Nov 19, 2019

Rising housing costs are not new news - but all too often the human element of the problem is overlooked. Today we discuss the very real human aspect of the problem, how it has impacted society and where it might go from here. Hope you enjoy!

Nov 12, 2019

Economics rarely behaves the way decision makers intended it to - From the Berlin wall to the rise of populism we look at the unintended consequences of economic and political decisions that have impacted history and that are occurring as we speak

Nov 5, 2019

When Burger King goes veggie - you know something whopper is stirring. This week we take a look at the rapid shift in global meat consumption, how different areas of the world are reacting and the deep ramifications that our eating habits have on the economy. Hope you enjoy!